Oculus App Content – A New Place For Independent Developers

In terms of oculus app content, we’re familiar with the Oculus storefront and its strict curation. This is how we ensure the quality of games and apps high, and stop low-quality games from making it through. However, this makes it difficult for independent developers to release their VR content on the Oculus platform.

Oculus launched “App Lab” as a solution to this issue. It lets independent developers publish their VR content in a regulated location without needing to undergo the rigorous selection process of the Oculus Storefront. The App Lab is similar to the traditional Oculus storefront in that you can browse and download apps the same way you would on a traditional storefront but it’s not curation-driven.

If your app is successful in the App Lab it could be promoted to the Oculus Storefront and gain more recognition and be seen by a wider range of users. This is not just based on the number of downloads, but also on retention metrics, long term profitability, the teams working on development and more.

If you’re interested in exploring the entire range of Oculus Quest apps, we recommend you to enable developer mode on your Meta headset and try https://renderingwithstyle.com/2021/06/28/engaging-stakeholders-and-improving-satisfaction/ out App Lab. There are many interesting games and experiences waiting to be found, including well-known non-games such as Tilt Brush, which turns your headset into a virtual art studio. There are a lot of interesting VR media apps such as Quill Theater, which showcases some amazing community created films and animations.